General FAQ’s

What is SmartPay Business?

SmartPay Business is the business version of our consumer gas savings program that saves customers 10¢ a gallon on gas at EG America locations. Customers can use either a card or mobile app to pay for gas. SmartPay Business delivers technology that enables you to automatically pay through your Business Bank account.

How is it that we save 10¢ a gallon?

By using SmartPay Business, you help us save on fees associated with credit and debit cards. What we save, we pass those savings on to you.

How is my SmartPay Business card or mobile app used for payment?

We've partnered with ZipLine (NPCA) to deliver technology that enables you to link a single checking account with a SmartPay Business card or the SmartPay app so you can pay for fuel at participating EG America locations.

Are there any fees to join or use SmartPay?

No. There are no enrollment fees, or annual fees, and we do not charge fees for use of your SmartPay card or app. If your bank returns a transaction** unpaid, you will be charged a fee. We recommend that you have Overdraft Protection on the bank account used for your SmartPay Business transactions to avoid this return fee. **Transactions take 2-3 business days to process.

How is SmartPay Business different than the consumer version?

SmartPay Business has additional features that help the business owner control, track, and manage gas expenses, including the ability to set different limits for different drivers and simple reports that tell you the number of gallons purchased and total transaction cost.

Do the drivers in my fleet need a smartphone to use SmartPay Business?

No. They have the choice of using a card, smartphone (with the SmartPay Business mobile app), or both.

Do EG America locations have diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel is at a growing number of locations. To discover a specific location, please visit our website's store finder which filters locations that have diesel fuel: https://www.eg-america.com/store-locator/

Can SmartPay Business be used for in-store purchases?

Yes. SmartPay Business can be used for in-store purchases. You may also choose to block the in-store merchandise purchase feature for all or some of your users.

Can I increase my business weekly spending limit?

Yes, you can request to increase your business' weekly spending limit through the owners portal.

Have any additional questions?

Email us SmartPayBusiness@eg-america.com

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